Two people died, dozens were left without power, hundreds of homes were destroyed

Two people died, dozens were left without power, hundreds of homes were destroyed
Two people died, dozens were left without power, hundreds of homes were destroyed

The storms today caused a lot of damage. Two people died, and reports of fallen trees and flooded streets came from all over the country throughout the day, and 88 households in Northeastern Bulgaria were without power.

In Shumensko, two men lost their lives. A 67-year-old man from Veliki Preslav died after going to the outskirts to meet his grazing animals. According to initial data, it is believed that the tragic accident happened after the man stepped on a broken electric wire. Two animals also for deceased. In the village of Razvigorovo, the storm collapsed a wall on a property. She buried a 51-year-old man, who died on the spot.

A tornado passed through Northeastern Bulgaria today. In the village of Lavino, in the municipality of Isperih, the roofs of over 150 houses were damaged. The natural disaster left dozens of households without electricity. Fortunately, there were no injured people.

In the municipality of Isperih, they convened an emergency headquarters for emergency and restoration works. He decided to declare a partial state of emergency in the village of Lavino, which suffered the worst from the storms.

In Smolyansk, many villages remained without electricity. Roads in the district were also covered by fallen trees and some of them were closed.

The municipality’s teams managed to clear the roads, but the damage is still great. Many households remain in the dark tonight. The storm has destroyed dozens of power poles, there are also many houses with their roofs blown off.

The situation in Silistrinsko today was also critical. In the villages of Dolets, Prohlada, Kolobar and Sekulovo, more than 100 roofs were damaged, there were reports of fallen poles and trees. On the territory of the district there were settlements without electricity.

In the capital, emergency teams remained on the ground throughout the day. The level of the rivers and municipal dams was under observation due to its rise of about 40-50 cm after the rains. Throughout the day, the emergency teams of the Metropolitan Municipality cleared the shafts. Today there were the most signals from the “Krasna Polyana”, “Vitosha” and “Kremikovtsi” regions.

A strong storm also broke out in Kardzhali. Throughout the day there were reports of downed trees and downed cables.

In Gabrovo, they cleaned the shafts as a precaution, after a yellow code was announced for dangerous rainfall in the entire area.

There were also reports of flooded streets in Blagoevgradsko. In Sandanski, several streets were under water due to the significant amounts of rain. There were no reports of injured people or material damage. The situation was similar in Melnik, where there was a downpour.

Sliven was also hit by the storm. Because of the rain, from 12 liters per square meter, swirls formed, there were broken branches and damage in the center of the city. The most complicated situation was in the area of ​​Kolodrum and along “Yanko Sakazov” Boulevard.

In Yamblosko, 16 settlements lack electricity. There were also reports of fallen trees and branches. There is no information about injured people.

The Home Office said they responded to more than 200 calls across the country. The storm caused the most serious damage in the regions of Smolyan, Targovishte, Razgrad, Silistra and Shumen. The “Road Police” appealed to all drivers to drive with caution.

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