Another 18 Bulgarians from Gaza landed in Bulgaria

Another 18 Bulgarians from Gaza landed in Bulgaria
Another 18 Bulgarians from Gaza landed in Bulgaria

Another 18 Bulgarian citizens and their relatives, evacuated from Gaza, landed today at Sofia airport. They were taken out through Egypt and arrived in our country by flight through Rome.

Even today, Sofia airport was a place of emotional meetings between the people brought out of Gaza and their relatives in Bulgaria. We saw people who don’t know whether to be happy that they and their children are safe here because there are other dear people in Gaza.

Some of the deportees from Gaza have been trying to leave the area since the beginning of the escalation of the conflict, but so far without success. They describe what is happening there as an action movie and pray that its finale is near.

They left home, relatives and precious memories. They run away from the war and dive into the unknown. And in the arms of the relatives in Bulgaria, who fell asleep every night with prayers and hope to be together.

“I feel like I’m in an action movie. We tried to leave the house, but we changed our mind three times because we were threatened with murder. There was bombing everywhere. There is no safe place. We were all in one house and we left some relatives there for which we are very sad. We have heroes – the Bulgarian embassy did not leave us,” Sahal told BNT.

“The word difficult is nothing. We left my sisters, my brothers, my cousins, my whole family behind. This is the biggest pain that we left there in a place where only God knows if they will come out alive,” said Mahmoud Suleiman.

The indescribable horror of the bombs is behind them, but the memories are still alive and make them cry.

“In Gaza we suffered for everything – no water, no electricity, no gas. They bombed everywhere. My home is destroyed. It’s terrible. We sat and waited for death every time. Every second. Now I feel good, thanks to Bulgaria,” said Yasmin.

A woman who watched the news from Gaza with fear for almost a month finally hugged her grandchildren.

“Whether to cry or to be happy, I can’t tell you. I will be happy that my grandchildren have come, my daughter-in-law, I have other people who are there – the war. Enough of this crazy war! Enough!” shared Dr. Insherah Al Shafri.
The first family in which the man has Bulgarian citizenship arrived at Sofia airport yesterday. He, his pregnant wife and their 4-year-old child are now with their loved ones. It is expected that the other people with Bulgarian citizenship, brought out of Gaza, will also arrive in stages.

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