The election day in Vidinsko started peacefully

The election day in Vidinsko started peacefully
The election day in Vidinsko started peacefully

Photo: Radio Vidin

The day of the runoff in the Vidin region began in a calm atmosphere, reports the OD of the Ministry of the Interior.

About 220 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs guard today the sectional election commissions (SEC) in the district. All the necessary measures have been taken to protect public order, fire safety and ensure the peaceful conduct of the second round of local elections.

Citizens can report violations related to violations that impede the normal course of the election process and are relevant to the actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on the 24-hour telephone line of the Ministry 02/ 90 112 98 and e-mail: [email protected]or in ODMVR-Vidin on phone 094/600 166 and e-mail: [email protected]. Mobile police teams are ready to immediately respond to reports and carry out checks on them.

The counters of the “Bulgarian identity documents” sector in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Vidin, RU – Belogradchik and RU – Kula will be open today until 7 p.m. Employees will issue certificates (in case of lost/stolen/damaged/destroyed ID cards and expired documents) with a view to exercising citizens’ electoral rights.

A total of 15 voting certificates were issued from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive.

At the beginning of the election day, several replacements were made in the composition of sectional commissions, the OIC announced earlier.

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