Six machines in Blagoevgradsko release blank ballots

Six machines in Blagoevgradsko release blank ballots
Six machines in Blagoevgradsko release blank ballots

And this vote will not go without problems with machine voting. Six machines in Blagoevgradsko – 5 in Blagoevgrad and 1 in Sandanski – do not count the votes cast by the voters and release blank ballots, BNR reported.

It is currently unclear why the machine is releasing blank ballots. It has already become clear that the CEC had a problem with providing the appropriate size of thermal paper, but it is not clear if this is related to the problem with the machines in Blagoevgradsko. In Blagoevgrad, there was also a problem with machines being moved at night due to confusion as to which section they should be in, and this happened without security. In these sections, voting will be done on paper only.

There are isolated problems with machines in other cities as well, the CEC reported. In Veliko Tarnovo machine failed to start due to software problem and voting will be by paper ballots. IN Lyaskovets also report a problem with the machine, but no request to switch to paper ballot voting.

From section c Vladimirovo village, Boychinovtsi municipality, also claim that the machine is not working. A voter who voted claims that a different vote appears on his receipt than the one he submitted. In this case, the CEC did not allow the machine to be brought out and switch to only voting with a paper ballot.

In Dobrich machine gives an error about the flash drives and is voted out.

In Varna machine has a problem with the printer knife and it is impossible to vote with it.

5898 are the machines located in the sections in the country. Stay tuned for details.

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