Over 70% of the cars in Bulgaria are more than 15 years old


Price is not the only factor in choosing whether to buy a CNG or electric car (photo: CC0 Public Domain)

The construction of more charging stations is a major step to increase the share of ecological transport in Bulgaria, said the Minister of Transport and Communications Georgi Gvozdeikov at a meeting on the policies and measures for introducing sustainable and ecological mobility.

More than 70% of the cars registered in Bulgaria are more than 15 years old, and passenger cars up to 5 years old are only 4.5%, the minister announced. Therefore, the creation of a single register of used cars is being discussed, which would contain information on registration, insurance, technical inspections, performed repair work, actual mileage and other data on the condition of the car.

One of the main incentives to increase the number of electric cars is the construction of more charging stations. “Price is not the only factor in choosing whether to buy a car with an internal combustion engine or an electric one. The lack of a network of charging stations also has an impact, and therefore it is necessary for the state and business to work together for the faster construction of the necessary network”, stated Gvozdeikov.

The Minister of Transport also indicated that legislative changes aimed at increasing the share of environmentally friendly cars should be carefully considered.

The meeting also discussed the progress on the preparation of the Law for the Promotion of Electric Mobility, as well as various mechanisms at the national and local level to support the owners of electric cars. The various proposals in this direction are to be examined in detail at the level of working groups.

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