Communication through notes was revived in Plovdiv

Communication through notes was revived in Plovdiv
Communication through notes was revived in Plovdiv
In the times we live in, communicating via notes is an old, archaic method, carrying the romanticism of the years before social networks.

Reader of came across a book that serves as a means of communication between residents of neighboring cooperatives near Hristo Botev Blvd.

“I am sending to your editorial office something colorful that can cause a smile in our gray everyday life. Near the Central Station in an alley on Hristo Botev Blvd., I came across a notebook on the hood of a car in which residents of a neighboring cooperative communicate with each other I leave the comments and conclusions to you,” he says.

Our team tried to figure out what topic people were writing about in this book by reading the different fonts and italics.

We were able to understand that they were excited about the paid or unpaid electricity bills of several different people. From their handwriting, we can conclude that these are elderly people who remind each other and help pay household bills.

“Look for Uncle Bozhko, he hasn’t paid for the elevator for this month of October 2023. Today is the 23rd until October 31, 2023, the elevator must be paid from this 190 BGN,” wrote a citizen.

“And the electricity is BGN 38,” adds another.

“For the current month of November 2023.”

“Bai Kosti will pay for it. He got a note today.”

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