ONLY IN PEAK: Unseen curiosity! A prisoner gave a lecture to Asen Vassilev on how to obey the law


After all the drama surrounding the DANS report on the machine codes and the minister with the flash drive, the first round of the local elections on October 29 will also be remembered for the address dramas of Asen Vasilev.

The Minister of Finance fell into the trap first of his colleagues from the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, whose General Directorate “Civil Registration and Administrative Services” (GG GRAO) included him in a list of deleted persons infected with a current address in the States. And then at his own risk, skipping a simple online check to see if he is on the electoral rolls.

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Straight tongue for Kokorcho’s Harvard mind!

However, the curiosity is different!

Last Sunday, PIK informed its readers in detail how the election drama with the finance minister was developing. After the sectional election commission (SEC) refused Vassilev to exercise his right to vote, he ran from institution to institution in Haskovo to sort out the mess and possibly be able to vote by the end of election day.

On the day of the first round, only two applications for exclusion from the list of deleted persons were submitted in the municipality of Haskovo. One, as you may have guessed, is that of Asen Vassilev. He was handed a reasoned refusal based on the prohibition list prepared by GRAO, which was mentioned above.

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THE TERROR OF THE COMPLEX: The Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor's Office chased away the members of the electoral commission, which complied with the law to disqualify Asen Vasilev from the elections

The other application was submitted by a citizen included in the list of deleted persons by the Ministry of Justice. Unlike Asen Vasilev, however, he has provided the documents specified by law, with which to prove that the reason for his deletion has been removed. Based on this, the local administration issued him a certificate under Art. 40 of the Electoral Code, with which he was able to exercise his right to vote in his section at his permanent address.

At the same time, the Minister of Finance, instead of observing the legal order, tried to pass a meter with documents related to his election as a representative of the people. According to him, this automatically meant that he lived in the country.

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