Prof. Kunchev: It was the covid wave

Prof. Kunchev: It was the covid wave
Prof. Kunchev: It was the covid wave

What we have now in terms of morbidity is the highest of the covid wave this season, there will be no more serious situations. This was announced by the national state health inspector Angel Kunchev this morning to Nova TV.

The wave of covid is proceeding much more gently, he commented. And he admitted that there are quite a few people who have a mild clinic, but do not seek the personal doctor, have not been examined and are among society. On this occasion, he concluded that the number of quarantined people has no risk of influencing the elections. And with the apparently weak activity of the people, there is no risk of infections in the polling stations.

He urged people with even mild symptoms to protect others, to wear a mask when going out.

About 5,000 are quarantined, but the figure is dynamic, it is not very clear about their close contacts, admitted Dr. Kunchev. The quarantine can be dropped, the health inspector of Bulgaria is convinced. It was delayed because of the MPs’ vacation, otherwise the Ministry of Health submitted such a letter to the Parliament at the beginning of last month.

3-4, up to 5 times more than the officially registered ones are infected with covid per day in our country, commented Dr. Kunchev on the subject. But he doesn’t find this troubling – as with any respiratory illness, many people brush it off. We will not get to the picture of the pandemic months.

We have reached a plateau, there is no new growth, probably for this year it will be the covid wave. And we are waiting for the flu, announced the associate professor.

The bad thing about the flu, in general, is that it comes every year and the efforts there are to protect people at greater risk – adults, with strained immunity, children, he reminded.

There is a slight delay this year, probably due to competition with covid – this infection is holding back the arrival of the flu, suggested Dr. Kunchev. Usually by this time of year we already have confirmed single samples. He and other experts expect the first cases in early December, the wave – in the 4th – 5th week of the new year, i.e. in early February or late January.

Complaining is a national sport, I don’t like it at all. We underestimate what we have, says Associate Professor Angel Kunchev in the context of today’s second round of elections. He is adamant that he will vote, as he always does. And he does not regret that his son, also a doctor, has stayed in Bulgaria.

Of course we have problems in health care, but more and more young people are staying here and want to be useful with their profession and become good doctors, he is experienced.

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