Associate Professor Angel Kunchev: The current wave of COVID-19 is starting to subside – Bulgaria


The current wave of COVID-19 has peaked and is beginning to gradually subside. This was announced in the studio of Nova TV by the chief state sanitary inspector Assoc. Angel Kunchev

“For 5-6 days, we have a plateau in the incidence of COVID-19 and a decrease in the rate of spread of the virus,” he said.

This wave of COVID-19 is much milder, it rarely leads to hospital treatment, the chief state sanitary inspector also explained. “The virus will not be a decisive factor in the elections. There are people who are under quarantine and will not be able to vote, they are under 5,000,” he pointed out, noting that he was referring to official data, as there is also a hidden morbidity. The strict measures are unnecessary, the quarantine must be dropped, commented Prof. Kunchev. However, wearing a mask remains the most effective means of preventing infection, because it reduces the risk of spreading by more than 90%, he reminded.

Almost simultaneously with the subsidence of the wave of covid, the flu will start, and this year there is a delay, probably precisely because of its predecessor, COVID-19, he also said. Probably by the end of November, the beginning of December, there will be the first proven cases of influenza, and at the end of January – the beginning of February, the epidemic wave is also expected, said Prof. Kunchev.

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