Scandal! BSP members are thrown out of the sections in Vidin

Scandal! BSP members are thrown out of the sections in Vidin
Scandal! BSP members are thrown out of the sections in Vidin

Vidin, Bulgaria05 Nov. 2023, 10:38 1396 read 0 comments

The candidate for mayor, Dr. Tsvetan Tsenkov, en masse throws out BSP SEC members from the sections and replaces them with municipal officials. Another such case created a scandal in a section of the city, where the former chairman of the municipal council, Gennady Velkov, personally took the new secretary by the hand and removed the previous secretary of the commission from his place.

The problem is not that they change them, but that they do it not according to the order and manner defined in the law and apparently without the consent of the members of the BSP sectional election commissions. Some give in silently, but others resist, even physically. Such is the case with the scandal in the 6th primary school, where the secretary was replaced by SIK #7.

The chairman of OIK, BTV and Nova arrived on the scene, and the citizens in front of the section commented that they had not seen such aggression for a long time. The scandal in section #7 in the “Chemist” quarter is also the reason for the gathering of people in front of the premises. The hysteria that engulfed those close to the candidate Tsvetan Tsenkov after they were told by all the other candidates and their supporters that they no longer wish to see them in the administration of the city is unprecedented.

There are similar scandals in other sections, as it is done in the same way: a member of the SIC, who has already registered and signed the documents, is called and told that one of the mayors close to the former mayor will take his place. The decision of the OIC is awaited.

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