123 vehicles were stopped from driving due to high noise levels

123 vehicles were stopped from driving due to high noise levels
123 vehicles were stopped from driving due to high noise levels

A total of 123 motor cars and motorcycles, driven in the absence of silencers or with defective silencers, have been stopped from traffic for September and October, as a result of the action launched by the employees of the “Road Police” sector at ODMVR – Burgas. Administrative and criminal proceedings have been instituted against the violators, and the foreseen coercive administrative measures will be applied with all their rigor.

The checks by the employees from the “Traffic Police” sector are predominantly in the dark part of the day in places where there is evidence that people are driving with missing or defective silencers. The drivers are issued and served with documents for establishing the administrative violation, as well as orders for the temporary suspension of the offending motor vehicle.

The police officers of the ODMVR – Burgas also carry out inspections for changes in the construction of motor vehicles, leading to high levels of noise – installation of special noise-amplifying pipes, removal of the catalyst and the silencer. The changes made lead not only to unbearable noise, but also to environmental pollution.

The sanction provided for in the law for this type of violation is a fine of up to BGN 200 and suspension of the vehicle until the fault is rectified. Cars that exceed the noise level due to a technical malfunction are also fined.

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