How much will it cost us to change the winter tires


Road safety experts remind us that the period is approaching when we have to replace summer tires with winter ones. On the threshold of winter, more and more drivers in our country are already thinking about changing their car tires, and of course, when choosing, one of the main factors is the price. A check of NOVA in centers and stores shows that this year too, although minimal, there will still be a price increase. But how much will prices rise and what are the experts’ advice?

Anelia Stoyanova changes the tires on her company car every winter. “The tires are always changed according to the season at our company. We have been using the services of this center for a long time and we are very satisfied, they work with very good specialists and we always rely on their advice,” she says.

And the advice of the specialists is to take advantage of this period of the year. “Customers are still timid and waiting to see what the weather will be like in the future, but in general it won’t get any warmer – it’s time to change the tires itself. It’s good that most customers and users come a little earlier to avoid the queues and it will be easier for us and for them too – not to waste their time. Maybe at the beginning of next month there will be the biggest influx. Especially then, if the temperatures cool down a little more, there will be big queues,” he explained Simeon Trakiyski, seller-consultant of automobile tires.

This winter, however, tires are becoming more expensive. “There is a certain increase. It is noticeable in the prices of all things and it is noticeable in the case of tires. I think that this increase is within the normal range,” added Stoyanova.

“There is a difference in mass sizes compared to ten percent of the previous year,” Trakiyski said. A check of NOVA in stores and centers showed that the prices of mid-range winter tires vary between BGN 100 and 120. Apart from that, we have to prepare money for the replacement.

“The prices are from BGN 15-17-18 per tire with the balance,” Trakiyski said.

And what tires we choose is a matter of personal choice. “Personally, my opinion is that the Bulgarians already look more at the quality, but still there are people who also look at the price. There are also such tires in the middle class that will do you a pretty good job. Well, accordingly, maybe they will spend a little more – a small mileage, but this is individual for each person,” explained the sales consultant.

Some customers choose all-season. “A bit of a compromise option, which is for a car that doesn’t have an extremely high mileage, if it moves a lot, a car with a higher mileage won’t do the same job for you – both winter and summer,” he said.

But experts are adamant that we should not drive with summer tires during the winter season. “Worse stopping distance. In general, you will stop much easier with a winter tire in cold conditions than with a summer tire. A winter tire works below 10 degrees and a summer tire works above 10 degrees rubber, so it’s about time.” Trakiysky pointed out.

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