“Children’s Kingdom” interviewed Nedyalko Yordanov

“Children’s Kingdom” interviewed Nedyalko Yordanov
“Children’s Kingdom” interviewed Nedyalko Yordanov

When did he start writing and what is the magic of the stage – these were some of the questions that the presenters of the latest BNR-Burgas show “Children’s Kingdom” asked the poet and playwright Nedyalko Yordanov. The show is a joint production with the theater school of the same name of the Center for Personal Development Support, led by Atanasia Petrova, and in each edition the children choose an interlocutor on the main topic.

At the age of 15, I started writing my first love poems, the famous Burgazlia told the youngest radio audience. He also shared memories from his childhood:

“I liked the theater since I was a child. My mother and father took me to the theater when I was 5 years old. As a student, I used to come specially from Sofia to see the performances of the Burgas theater. It was a magnificent theater, better than all of Sofia’s. And when I turned 23, I came to work in the Burgas theater as a playwright, then as a director, and I started writing plays. My first play was called We Don’t Believe in Storks. It was a school play. The characters are three high school boys. And a girl. These were characters who did not believe in ready-made truths. There were some outraged parents, teachers, critics who said – how can you teach so that the youth do not believe.”

The play was even banned because I taught children not to believe in illusions, added Nedyalko Yordanov and gave advice to future actors:

“Everyone should check if they want to be an actor, if they can do it without rehearsing, without acting. Is this an inner need, just a desire to be noticed, to be famous among your peers. If you feel an inner need at all costs to be on stage, to play, to reincarnate yourself in some role that you never imagined you could be – then it already makes sense, then you will become an artist. A good actor can immerse himself in the role, he can become the hero, forget about himself.”

The show “Children’s Kingdom” is broadcast every Sunday from 8 to 9 o’clock. You can also find it on the BNR-Burgas you tube channel.

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