Voter turnout is desperately low, sociologists report


And last week the voter turnout was low, but now it’s downright desperate

05 November 2023Sunday, 10:30 a.m.

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Less than 3% have voted so far

Voter turnout in the local election runoff is low so far. According to the data of the exit poll of the sociological agency “Gallup International Balkan”, the activity at 9 o’clock in the capital was 1.3%, in Plovdiv – 1.1%, in Varna about 1.5%, and in Blagoevgrad – 4.1%, reported BNR.

Compared to the first round, voter turnout remains lower for now, the sociological agency points out. The data of the “Alpha Research” agency also show a record low voter turnout in the local elections, bTV reported.

“Activity is much lower than we expected,” commented Boryana Dimitrova from “Alpha Research”. According to her, the machines are not the main factor that determines the low voter turnout:

“The second round will have lower activity than the first. In the places with strong competition, the activity does not drop much. 2019 in Sofia, with a strong battle, it did not drop. But this morning, the activity is much lower than we expected.”

Dobromir Zhivkov from “Market Links” stated that voters who have decided to vote will motivate their acquaintances to vote. According to him, the record number of invalid ballots in the first round shows that the problem of invalid ballots shows that the quality of the electoral process continues to deteriorate.

“Trend” data as of 8 o’clock show 0.9% voter turnout in Sofia, and 0.8% in Plovdiv. According to “Trend”, at 8 o’clock there was a higher voter turnout in Varna and Pleven – 1.1% each, followed by Ruse with 1.0%.

At 10 o’clock the voter turnout in Sofia was 2.2%, according to Trend data. In Plovdiv it is 1.7%. There is a higher voter turnout in Varna and Ruse – 2.5% each, followed by Pleven with 2.3%.

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