They removed a member of the Vidin commission, the OIC reinstated him


“They sent a person in my place because I was not here. I have no explanation. My party claims that I was not there, that I was notified. I asked them then why I came at 6.45, since I was not notified? The notification given should it has my signature, show it to me in such a case”.

Despite the scandal, the section, in which there are 549 voters according to the electoral roll, did not suspend its work, said its secretary Tsvetomir Mitev:

“In the seventh section, the election day started normally at 7 o’clock. At 9 o’clock a woman comes with a certificate on which it says that she is a member of the section. We wonder what is going on, we are 9 members, we work normally, I entered the website of OIK Vidin and I saw that there was a solution uploaded 10 minutes ago that they are replacing the old member with a new one”.

The chairman of the OIC Vidin Daniel Boyanov personally arrived at the section to carry out an inspection on the case:

“On the Election Day, the OIC is obliged to make substitutions, by 8 o’clock all the sections where people did not show up must be filled. Three parties submitted such requests that their representatives did not show up. Decisions were made to appoint the persons, who were given to us as replacements. All parties released their replacements. It turned out that both the incumbent and the person who was sent to replace him appeared in Section 7. This caused a scandal in the section.”

“When an on-site inspection was carried out in SIK 050900007 on 05.11.2023 at 10:15 a.m., it was found that member of SIK Bogomila Ivanova Ilieva appeared at the opening and was present in the section. The hypothesis of Art. 229, para. 2 is not present from the IC, namely non-appearance of a member of the SIC on the election day in order to appoint a new member.

MEC – Vidin examined the received documents and determined that the requirements of Art. 229, para. 2 of the Election Code, the Municipal Election Commission – Vidin, are not met.


AVOIDS Decision No. 234/05.11.2023. in the part whereby:

RELEASES Bogomila Ivanova Ilieva as a member of the SIK No. 050900007

APPOINTS Rositsa Mitkova Ninkova as a member of the SEC No. 050900007″,

writes in the opinion published on the website of OIC Vidin.

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