Galena already looks sinister (PHOTO)

Galena already looks sinister (PHOTO)
Galena already looks sinister (PHOTO)

Galena has lost everything beautiful and feminine in her face. The folk singer is now completely unrecognizable and downright scary both in body and face, writes in “Weekend”. There is no mention of the chubby cheeks of the folk diva, nor of the soul in her eyes.

The silicone bomb’s face is extremely thin and has a sharp chin that looks like it’s going to stab you. Smyadovka can easily play in a horror movie, and it will even be quite budget-friendly, because she will not need makeup to look scary. The hit singer brings him to a vision of Cruella Deville – the terrible lady who wants to make a coat from the skin of 101 Dalmatians.

“It looks like a made-up corpse from a horror movie. It’s downright scary! How can you like it like that? Is there no one to stop her from losing weight and making adjustments” – people ask on social networks.

Her terrible appearance is due in part to the injections with which she slims down, but also to the corrections she has made over the years. Chalga diva has at least 6-7 improvements on her face and has spent about 50 grand on interventions and procedures. There are three operations on the nose alone. The star of the genre has become a maniac of cosmetic corrections.

Half of Waffle Boss Galin also has a fake horse smile. Those close to the singer reveal that she counted the sum of 50,000 BGN for the manipulation – her front teeth, for example, were completely replaced with veneers, which are the latest in dentistry. The intervention was done in Turkey, in an extremely modern dental clinic.

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