Below 8% voter turnout in the Ruse region at 11 a.m


7.72% was the voter turnout in the Ruse region as of 11:00 a.m. in the current local election runoff, according to the data of the Municipal Electoral Commissions in the region, summarized by the Regional Administration. We remind you that in seven of the eight municipalities in the district, elections are held in the second round. In four of them, the elections are only for mayors of town halls, and in Ruse, Borovo and Dve Mogili, the candidates for mayors of municipalities also participate in the second round. A total of 15 town halls in the region will elect new mayors. Only in none of the settlements in the municipality of Tsenovo are elections held today. Those who voted in the region were 11,692 out of a total of 151,468 people entitled to vote in today’s local vote. In the largest municipality – Ruse, voter turnout is 3.7% lower at this stage compared to last Sunday’s elections. So far, 8,455 people have voted in Ruse out of 134,565 eligible voters. This means that the activity is 6.28%. Compared to the local elections in 2019, voter turnout was slightly lower. Then at 10:00 a.m. it was about 5.5%, and at 12:30 p.m. about 15%.

The highest voter turnout was in the municipality of Ivanovo. There, only in the village of Mechka they elect a candidate for mayor of the town hall. The turnout there was 24.24%, which means that 120 people voted out of a total of 495. In Belensko, turnout was also a little over 22%. 316 out of a total of 1419 people exercised their right to vote in the municipality. Today they are electing mayors of town halls in two settlements – Botrov and Polish Kosovo. In Borovo, the voter turnout is also in the mentioned range, where it is 22.09%. As of 11:00 a.m. today, 1,022 people out of a total of 4,627 with the right to vote went to the polls. 18.41% was the voter turnout in Dve Mogili municipality, which means that 1278 people out of 6943 people voted there. 17.29% is the voter turnout in Vetovo, where they only elect a mayor for Senovo City Hall. There, 186 people voted out of 1076. In the municipality of Slivo Pole, the voter turnout was 13.44%. In the municipality of Sivo Pole, where the mayors of the Ryahovo, Kosharna and Malko Vranova town halls are being elected, 315 people out of 2343 voted.

Everywhere in the region, the election day passes peacefully and without significant problems. Only in the municipality of Ruse there was a problem with the machines in 4 sections, and at the moment only in sections 76 and 93 a decision was made by the OIC, after coordination with the CEC, that the voting there should only be by paper ballots. In the event that the electronic devices print an illegible, crumpled or no ballot, the voter will be able to exercise his right to vote again on his choice of paper or electronically. This was decreed by the CEC. A way was found how to reflect this in the protocols of the respective CICs, without creating a problem when reporting to the OIC.

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