The children have the say: Reflections in the midst of elections (VIDEO) – Education – Bulgaria – NOVA news

The children have the say: Reflections in the midst of elections (VIDEO) – Education – Bulgaria – NOVA news
The children have the say: Reflections in the midst of elections (VIDEO) – Education – Bulgaria – NOVA news

After the vote in the first round, the discussions about who to support in the runoff, whether to believe promises and what is most important for our city – are becoming more heated. And we discuss the candidates in the runoff with colleagues, relatives, and even many people admit that they argue with the speakers from the small screen.
While wise men have already said it – often the best teachers of our life choices are children.

Eight children – only 6 years old and although they are far from adulthood, they are quite aware of the choices their parents make.

What does the mayor do?

“The mayor works to build blocks, he can also build houses,” said Elitsa Alexandrova, 6 years old, DG No. 185 “Zvezdichka” in Sofia.

“Writes documents, prints, cleans the lake,” answered Anton Tsvetanov, 6 years old, DG No. 185 “Zvezdichka” in Sofia.

“The mayor is building schools, fixing roads for cars, fixing manholes, building sports grounds,” said Hristo Karabadjakov, 6 years old, DG No. 185 “Zvezdichka” in Sofia.

But in addition to responsibilities as a builder, in the eyes of children, the mayor also has serious management functions. “He tells other people what to do,” Karabazhakov added.

“The mayor must decide who should work in his job and who should be his boss,” says Alexandra Vasileva, 6 years old, DG No. 185 “Zvezdichka” in Sofia.

And last but not least: among his tasks is to take care of others.
“When someone has broken something or can’t fix it himself – he helps them,” Vasileva added.

“He makes an amusement park for the children, he wants the buildings to be clean and people to feel good,” answered Gergana Vacheva, 6 years old, DG No. 185 “Zvezdichka” in Sofia.

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And although they dream of becoming doctors, builders, artists and even robot developers when they grow up, they did not exclude the possibility of thinking about the profession of mayor. And for a short time they “stepped into the shoes” of mayors.

What would you change if you became mayor?

“As long as I am mayor, if something is broken – I would fix it. And I will build more playgrounds, gardens, schools – I will sign contracts,” said Karabazhakov.

“If our platform in front of the block is broken – I have to call people to fix it,” replied Vasileva.

“I can invent better climbing frames, higher and nicer slides,” pointed out Danail Marinov, 6 years old, DG No. 185 “Zvezdichka” in Sofia.

“To help people. If they can’t lift a piece of furniture at home – to lift it and move it where they want,” says Vacheva.

“I will help old people to pour water, I will help cross the street and a child if he gets lost,” answered Tsvetanov.

“I can deliver tasks to people who work hard and get tired. And I will help people to deliver. Those who have become old and can no longer deliver – I will help them cook something,” announced Tihomir Cholakov , 6 years old, DG No. 185 “Zvezdichka” in Sofia.

“To treat a dog that has a sore ear, and I will treat a cat with a sore leg, and I will treat a rabbit with its stomach that hurts – it has eaten a lot,” pointed out Borislava Kavocheva, 5 years old, DG No. 185 “Zvezdichka” in Sofia .

“I would build a hospital – because when I grow up I want to become a doctor,” said Elitsa Alexandrova.

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But even if they are not employed with such responsibilities, they are determined: when they turn 18, they will vote. But what kind of person would children trust?

What kind of person should the mayor be?

“He must be able to do many things, be a man, because men can do more things. He must greet, be good, be kind,” Karabazhakov pointed out.

“Working”, Tsvetanov was brief.

“He must be very smart, know what to do, not be bad,” Alexandrova added.

“To be strong, to be able to build and to have learned and to be good with people,” Vacheva also said.

And according to Tikhomir Cholakov, “it must be good”.

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Believing that he will be good and kind – the children of the 185th kindergarten “Zvezdichka” in Sofia assigned the new mayor one task to tackle – as soon as he takes up his new position.

Task No. 1 of the new mayor of Sofia.

“Give toys to the children,” asked Cholakov.

“To help people, to help rabbits, to help dogs and hamsters,” Kovacheva said.

“To help a builder who can’t decide how to make a house or a block”, pointed out Tsvetanov.

“To build a building if some people don’t have a home – a house with 5-6 floors,” suggested Vacheva.

“I want him to buy mom and dad a much wider block, to be on the first floor and to have a new room. Because now I don’t have any,” Alexandrova asked.

“I’ve seen a lot of babies – a kindergarten can do it, for example. A friend of mine from the kindergarten will soon have a little sister,” added Marinov.

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