Technical problems with machines in Haskovo – Around the world and in our country

Technical problems with machines in Haskovo – Around the world and in our country
Technical problems with machines in Haskovo – Around the world and in our country

In Haskovo, election day goes by without reports of violations, but with technical problems with several machines. In one of the sections, a machine broke down and did not work, and therefore it was decided that the vote in this section would only be on paper.

Voter turnout in Haskovo at 11:00 a.m. is over 10%. Until noon, the election day proceeded without reports of violations.

The machine in the 70th CEC did not work and after receiving instructions from the CEC, the vote there was entirely on paper. In the sections in the villages of Garvanovo, Koznitsa and Malevo, there was also a problem with the machines. For some voters, the ballot came out of the machine either blank or with smudged ink. The same problem was also found in a section in Haskovo. A technician was called and the vote was cast by paper ballot by protocol.

It is interesting for the runoff in Haskovo whether Finance Minister Asen Vassilev will be able to vote. In the first round last Sunday, he was denied this right because he did not meet the conditions of being seated. This case is also under investigation by the prosecutor. The OIC expressed surprise at what exactly is being investigated, since there is no election violation, much less a crime.

“We have an express letter from yesterday afternoon, in which we are told to comply with these rules for settling down, and it has been expressly emphasized to us that this letter of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has been withdrawn and we should not comply with it in such cases. Mr. Vassilev is not the only one in the situation , and in the first round there were more than 60 voters who were returned, as they were on the prohibited list and were unable to exercise their right to vote as they did not have the necessary seat. So the law is the same for everyone,” explained Dobromir Yakimov – chairman of OIC – Haskovo.

There is also a runoff in 7 settlements in the municipality of Haskovo.

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