The canyon that is split in two


One of the most unique places near Veliko Tarnovo is the Emenski Canyon. It is a gorge of the Negovanka river. Canyons are formed under the action of flowing waters, and they are formed under the influence of continuous erosion in a plateau, rocks are formed because there are harder layers of rock that are resistant to erosion and remain raised as walls, while the rest are reduced under the impact of flowing water – such as rivers.

The canyon is located in northern Bulgaria, a few hundred meters southeast of the village of Emen, which is 25 kilometers northwest of Veliko Tarnovo.

The area has a highly developed karst – it is located in the canyon The Yemen Cave, which is one of the longest in Bulgaria (3113m). The beginning of the Negovanska eco-trail is in the village of Emen, but you can reach the Emen cave on an asphalt road – that’s where the most interesting part of the canyon begins.

Under the influence of flowing water, numerous thresholds, waterfalls, pools and niches, surrounded by up to 90m high sheer cliffs, have formed in the soft limestone. The canyon is divided into two – upper boaz and lower boaz, and its total length is approximately 5 kilometers. It was declared a protected area in 1980.

The first eco-path in Bulgaria was created here, called Negovanska, after the name of the river. Bridges, stairs, and other wooden structures have been built to make walking through the canyon accessible and enjoyable. Undoubtedly the most beautiful part of the canyon is the sheltered waterfall Momin skok. It is 10m high and is surrounded on three sides by sheer cliffs.

A beautiful wide pool forms below it. The waterfall takes its name from a legend that tells of three maidens who jumped together from the cliffs of the waterfall to avoid falling into the hands of the pursuing Ottomans. The Emen Canyon reveals all its beauty in the spring, when the river is at its fullest and the nature is fresh and hospitable.

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