Upcoming: Art-studio on the topic “The Bulgarian trace in fine art”

Upcoming: Art-studio on the topic “The Bulgarian trace in fine art”
Upcoming: Art-studio on the topic “The Bulgarian trace in fine art”

The Association “New Perspectives for Development” invites young people aged 15 to 29 to join the Art-Atelier with the theme “Bulgarian Footsteps in Fine Art”, part of the “Keepers of Traditions” project.

The event will be hosted by the artist Maya Mecheva, who revealed that the theme of the paintings will be influenced by Bulgarian needlework. “Bulgaria is marked by sacred codes and strong spiritual energy. We Bulgarians are an ancient people, carrying the foundations of world civilization on our fragile shoulders, no matter how much you may not believe it. As an artist and a witness of historical transitions, life and culture, reflecting them in color, for years I like to delicately apply Bulgarian embroidery and symbols in my works. Their encoded millennial knowledge and messages have always deeply moved me. Let’s take for example a Bulgarian traditional costume with its embroidered and woven richness. I believe that one should remember and honor one’s roots and the place from where one started, because only in this way can we preserve the great knowledge that our ancestors so zealously guarded and passed on. I want young people to learn more about all this, and I stopped at one of the most ancient symbols – Kanatitsa, archaic, traces of which we find all over the world.” said Maya Mecheva.

The event will be held on November 7 in hall 53 of the “Aleko Konstantinov” Vocational High School in Kardzhali and starts at 1:10 p.m.

In pictures, we also share with you a part of Maya Mecheva’s presentation presented during the Project’s Opening Event, as we believe it will intrigue you!

The art studio is organized within the framework of the “Keepers of the Traditions” project with the support of the National Youth Program and in cooperation with the “New Perspectives for Development” association.

We expect you to share this interesting opportunity with young people and join us for a creative journey in the world of Bulgarian fine art!

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