Well done! The condition of little Boyana from Plovdiv is improving

Well done! The condition of little Boyana from Plovdiv is improving
Well done! The condition of little Boyana from Plovdiv is improving
With great joy and excitement, the parents of little Boyana from Plovdiv shared that her condition is improving!

For some time now, Boyana has been WITHOUT a nasogastric tube! She had been an integral part of her for the past nearly a year and was vital to her getting water, food and medicine.

The probe is no longer there and Boyana is eating, taking liquids and medicines only and only by mouth! And we see that he is doing very well. Learn to eat safely! We are now perfecting the swallowing of liquids. Every sip of it is a Miracle and a dream come true! After the success of the transplant, this is our second major victory.

Last year, you know, we turned the world upside down to find a way to stop Krabbe. We heard many times that nothing could be done, that there was no point, that the disease was progressive, that our child would only get worse, that the transplant would not work, and countless other gloomy and crushing predictions. We’ve been hearing this for the past year as well. But we refused to accept the fact that there was nothing to be done!

We can even boldly say that we have found and are currently working with exceptional specialists – doctors and physiotherapists in various fields who believed in our cause! Professionals at heart, filled with kindness and dedication! They formed a team, sharing information with each other and working in sync to help Boyana improve and regain abilities. It’s amazing! They saw and made sure that she is strong and brave and ready to work and defeat the invincible, which makes her extremely special.

It is an incomparable joy for us to see more and more often Boyana’s eyes shining and smiles lighting up her face. It is a real delight when we hear her laugh out loud! We are proud of her strength of spirit and unceasing desire to do more!

And these successes inspire us with new strength and faith that what was once impossible is now completely attainable and possible!

This victory of ours is also yours, friends, because without you, this could not have happened! THANK YOU!!! Be healthy!