Two people died in the Shumen region because of the powerful storm – Around the world and in our country

Two people died in the Shumen region because of the powerful storm – Around the world and in our country
Two people died in the Shumen region because of the powerful storm – Around the world and in our country

Two people died in two settlements in the Shumen region in incidents related to the powerful storm that raged today in the country. And in Shumen, a woman was injured after a tree fell on her.

The police reported that as a result of the strong wind and heavy rain, a wall of an agricultural building in the village of Razvigorovo fell. A 51-year-old man was buried under the wall. The man died on the spot.

The police also reported another 67-year-old man from the town of Veliki Preslav, who died after going to the outskirts of the city to meet his grazing animals. It is believed that he stepped on a broken electric wire and perished along with his two sheep. The place was secured.

Earlier today a huge branch fell on a woman in the City Garden. She has fractures in various places on her body, there is no danger to her life.

“I just spun, twisted, I heard him whistling, but I was in such a hurry, in spite of everything, I couldn’t avoid the impact and he pinned me. I stayed under him, with lost things, until I found them and my leg gave out and I began to look for a way to got away, but it didn’t happen without cutting the tree,” said Katja Ivanova, the victim.

The woman is in the hospital with a broken leg in three places, and operations are to come. At the same time, the village of Belopokipovo was covered with ice chunks from the fallen hail.

“Suddenly it went dark. A very strong wind storm started and suddenly the hail started, pieces of ice began to fall – the size of a cherry. Everything turned white just for ten minutes. Suddenly it ended and everything was white like in winter”, said Lazarina Dimova.

“A great hail, a great storm, everything flew. No flowers remained, no leaves.

BNT: Were you scared?

– A lot.

– What did you think?

– The end of the world, because I was also single. I started calling my husband, my son, there were no phones, no internet, no electricity,” Ralitsa Ivanova said.

The storm was everywhere in the district. Luckily with only tree damage.

“There are serious incidents, the reports that have been received in the police, in the fire department are more than 60 in less than an hour and a half. They have all been processed and they were about fallen trees on the roadway, branches and broken electrical wires. Police teams are reacted at the moment when they were going to take over the security of the sections in some of the villages in the Shumen region, they provided assistance, the road lanes were cleared, there are currently no closed roads. For a short period of time, the Shumen – Burgas road was closed.” explained Asya Yordanova, spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Shumen.

The police recommend driving carefully.

See the direct inclusion of Zdravka Ruseva

The districts of Smolyan, Razgrad and Silistra were most affected by the bad weather. Roofs were swept away, poles and trees fell. Streets are flooded, many places are without electricity.

A state of emergency has been declared in part of the Silistre region. The most difficult situation is in the village of Dolets, commune. Dulovo, where a tornado passed.

In the other affected region in Northeastern Bulgaria – Razgrad, the situation is most serious in the villages of Lavino and Todorovo – in Isperih municipality – a tornado has also passed there. A partial state of emergency has been declared in Devnya.

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