Uncleaned garbage in Kyuchka is a candidate for a Guinness record

Uncleaned garbage in Kyuchka is a candidate for a Guinness record
Uncleaned garbage in Kyuchka is a candidate for a Guinness record
A resident of the “Kyuchuk Paris” district contacted the editorial office again Plovdiv24.bgto express his great indignation at unclean municipal property for years and to share his anger at the carelessness of the institutions.

Some time ago, our media published the citizen’s report, but probably the situation remains unchanged and he again seeks assistance.

The unregulated landfill in question is located at 41 Pere Toshev Street.

The first photo of the neglected setting is from December 2021, but unfortunately in the fall of 2023 the situation looks similar.

“Hello editor,

a brave resident of Kyuchuk Paris writes to you, disappointed by the situation in which

we have to live.

He has been watching the picture for more than 3 years. It is a consequence of a terminated contract of the municipality with tenants. When they left, they left the municipal site in a state that can be seen in the photos.

The metal pavilions in which they were housed were dismantled, and everything from which a single lev could not be extracted was simply thrown away.

The municipality obviously cares about the condition of its property and the conditions in which the citizens have to live.

I wonder if it is normal for all of us to observe such a picture every day and live with it. Our children play with broken glass and empty liquor bottles and jugs.

Isn’t it normal to have an authority to monitor the condition of the property after the tenants leave.

If there are unsettled accounts between tenant and landlord, should this affect everyone living in the area.

Isn’t it right for the municipality to bring the property back to normal, but to seek compensation from the tenant?

I want to note that I personally filed a complaint two years ago, but alas, the result is visible in the photos.

In other municipalities, parks and playgrounds are built on similar properties, but in this case, perhaps we need a landfill in the center of Kyuchuk Paris more.”

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