What Nikolay Melemov and Stefan Sabrutev voted for, and what they think about the invalid ballots from the first round / GALLERY/


In Smolyan, Nikolay Melemov and Stefan Sabrutev are facing each other for the third time in the battle for the mayor’s seat. At 10.00 Nikolay Melemov arrived at the section in the former youth home together with his family. He said that he voted for “Stable management of the municipality, for stable finances and for further development of our city. To make it more beautiful, more cozy. And in your good time, I think that this cause should unite all the people of Smolensk,” added Melemov

An hour later, Stefan Sabrutev voted in the Orfeevi Gori Community Center section. He was also accompanied by his family.

“I personally voted for a cleaner, more orderly, friendlier city, with better conditions for business,” Sabrutev told the media

Nikolay Melemov preferred to vote with a paper ballot, and Stefan Sabrutev with a machine. Both commented on the large number of invalid ballots from the first round of the elections, namely 2,636 for municipal councilors and 306 invalid for municipal mayor. According to Melemov, the large number of invalid ballots is a really big problem. “..But I hope that the percentage of these invalid ballots is for all parties, not for one and two, so maybe it doesn’t distort the vote that much, but it’s not good to have so many invalid ballots,” added Melemov .

Stefan Sabrutev said that the result of the first round was distorted.

“I think that the vote was distorted a lot, especially when it comes to the councilors, I think that if there were machines at the first vote, this would not have been allowed.”

Apart from Smolyan, the municipalities of Zlatograd and Chepelare are electing a mayor in the second round today

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