HOT ON PEAK TV! Borisov voted in the midst of the runoff: Instead of the resignation of the head of DANS, they should remove the deputy minister. The machines in Sofia and Varna are breaking down. I promised and voted for Terziev, but now I regret it… (LIVE)


GERB leader Boyko Borisov voted on the day of the runoff. At the school in Bankya, where his polling station is located, Borisov cast his vote in the midst of election day.

He voted with a paper ballot and went into the dark room to cast his vote.

He wished the committee a “good day” and headed outside, accompanied by cameras.

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The election passed last week, now I had just given my word and fulfilled it. I call on our sympathizers and voters, it is important for regional mayors, to vote by region. From what I hear, it does no honor to those with morals. Machines also break, they can roll over. The country does not honor the PPs, they have new partners, I see. To see who they are playing with, not to say later that Radev is bad. So, I wish everyone success, but what will be the consequences for the cities, we will see. I am very interested in those who talk about voter turnout, what do they expect by raising their fists and making the parties hate each other and not support each other. At the moment, there is only hatred and only anti…, pointed out Borisov.

I called to support PPDB because we are in a coalition. Today we will have another opportunity, after today’s elections, to see who supported whom and how, and I will tell you in the country how this assembly functions, he pointed out.

Nothing has changed, I keep my word and when I say that we will support a candidate for PPDB…for me, the elections ended last week, said Borisov.

Why should there be a change of the head of DANS? Because of what? There must be a change of the deputy minister, who walks and photographs the two codes, Borisov said immediately. If machines are broken and someone has both codes, the elections can be manipulated, the experts told me, Borisov pointed out.

Instead of the one who made a mistake, we should remove those who said what the problem was, Borisov asked rhetorically.

I told you a while ago, watching in the country how they vote only to be against one party or another…, pointed out Borisov.

We elevated him not at 12:10, but at 12:15, he answered a PIK question about why they elevated Anton Hekimyan at the last moment.

I promised and voted for Vasil Terziev, but I regret it now that he said I was joking, Borisov commented on the PPDB candidate’s words that the GERB leader’s call to vote for him was a joke.

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