No serious violations, but low voter turnout in Vidin

No serious violations, but low voter turnout in Vidin
No serious violations, but low voter turnout in Vidin

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Election day in Vidin passes without serious violations, but with low voter turnout.

2,000 fewer people voted by 11:00 a.m. in Vidin compared to the same hour in the first round of the local elections, announced the Chairman of the Municipal Election Commission, Daniel Boyanov:

“According to data, as of 11:00 a.m., voter turnout in Vidin municipality was 5,603 people who voted, which is 10.68% of those entitled to vote. At the time of the runoff, we notice a certain delay in voter turnout.”

An attempt to buy votes was reported by the election headquarters in Vidin. It is said that they were offered 150 BGN per person for voting in favor of a certain candidate. The report was sent to the district prosecutor’s office.

With a completely changed composition is one of the sectional election commissions in Vidin’s “Novi Pat” district, where a video was filmed of the same voter voting several times during the first round of the local elections:

“Election day is going normally, there are no problems. People are calm, they are voting. Everything is fine”.

In the polling station, there are no worries about incidents, after a representative of the Commission, who took the video, was beaten in the polling station last Sunday:

“There is enough police and security so we don’t expect any problems.”

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