Scandal in Razgrad: Police removed the candidates for the mayor of the village of Yasenovets from the election section – Around the world and in our country


Tension between the two candidates for mayor of the Razgrad village of Yasenovets, Razgrad. The reason – agitation in favor of one in front of one of the sections. So they went inside to argue and the police had to intervene and take them out.

It is believed that the vote in the village of Yasenovets decides the election result in Razgrad. Everyone here says so.

In the courtyard of the school, where two of the three sections are located, almost no Bulgarian speech is heard, and only mainly Turkish is spoken. And the street in front of the two sections is like a car park. In 5 minutes, cars stop and voters get out to vote.

There is a huge number of advocates and observers who are talking in small groups in the courtyard. There is an increased police presence, as tensions between the two candidates for mayor of the village came to a head due to agitation. In the first round, the difference between them was 102 votes.

“Action is, to put it mildly. He was trying to campaign for a certain party, in which the two mayoral candidates intervened. There was a small excess and the person in question was kicked out of the section. He stands next to the board and shows the number they have to block , when they enter the voting hall. The two candidates went inside, argued with each other, but with the intervention of the police, everything was quelled in time,” said Veselka Angelova, chairman of SIK 28 in the village of Yasenovets.

People here have been voting with paper ballots in droves because they say they can’t handle the machines.

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