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Last month, little Gogo from Varna was in Turkey for an examination by a pediatric neurosurgeon. An MRI was performed there and drug treatment was prescribed. The parents were informed that hospitalization will be necessary after the completion of the medical treatment, reported Nova Varna.

Some time ago we already introduced you to the case of little Gogo from Varna. Those who are not yet familiar with it can do so here:

Gogo’s family needs more funds to cover his treatment. Therefore, he appeals for help to all who have the desire and opportunity to do so.

The child is not affected by the drugs and is scheduled for an additional rectal biopsy and colonography. A 15-day hospital stay must be paid for separately, during which a complete bowel cleansing will be done and the necessary medications will be taken.

“A rectal biopsy will be done with anesthesia and after the result it will be decided how the treatment will continue,” said Gogo’s parents from Varna.

A colonography will also be done to determine the cause of colon dysfunction. According to specialists, there is a serious problem with the excretory system and the function of the colon.

Gogo’s road will be long and difficult, so his family needs funds for his treatment. The boy’s parents thank all the good people who have helped them so far.

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