Hot data from Andrey Raichev. The big loser of the election

Hot data from Andrey Raichev. The big loser of the election
Hot data from Andrey Raichev. The big loser of the election

The election will change a lot. Let me tell you some data. They say how many people voted for municipal lists outside Sofia. Sociologist Andrey Raichev commented on this on Nova TV.

“GERB received 460+ (thousands) votes, the parliamentary votes were 500,000. DPS – 223,000, this is below their normal performance. BSP – 190,000, this is much above the usual and expected. PP-160. These are Varna, Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad. If we remove them – extremely poor performance. Revival – 102.

DPS is second, BSP is third. PP are fourth, and “Vazrazhdane” managed to transfer a third of the national vote to a local vote. Trifonov has managed the task of 4% and something has become three and a half, four. This is the fine for the assembly,” explained Raychev.

“The assembly has a fine. When you put in charge people who don’t tolerate it, it cannot help but fine. This shows that GERB is hardly fined, and PP is fined a lot”, he explained Raichev.

“There is no growth in the alternative assembly,” noted his colleague Dimitar Ganev. “The big loser in these elections is Vazrazhdane, which is the third political force at the national level,” he also said.

“Actually, their result is very weak. They have not been fined, but they are an anti-systemic party. In local elections, you cannot speak anti-systemically. You have to talk about sidewalks, boulevards, garbage. Their rhetoric fails there,” he explained.

“If something similar happens in parliamentary elections, the picture will change and GERB will gain self-confidence,” Raychev noted.

“Terziev has been in front of our eyes for 4 months, and Grigorova only one. I imagine Grigorova as a person. I can tell whether she is phlegmatic or active, attentive. I have watched her many times. What can we say about Terziev? I don’t know anything I know about Terziev. I can’t say if he is silent or talkative,” Rachev also noted.

“They put so much makeup on his face that we only know what they wanted us to know about him. In that sense, they are a bit unequal,” the sociologist added.

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