Northern lights lit up the sky over Targovishte – Curious

Northern lights lit up the sky over Targovishte – Curious
Northern lights lit up the sky over Targovishte – Curious
  • 05 November 2023

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An extremely rare phenomenon was filmed near Targovishte. The footage was published by Meteo Balkans.

Amateur forecasters do not rule out that it is the Northern Lights.

The reason for the Northern Lights lies in the Sun – the source of life on our planet, which constantly reminds us how powerless and insignificant we are in front of cosmic forces, I want to know. The sun is constantly ejecting charged particles into space, which form the so-called solar wind. It moves at a speed of up to 1000 km/s and reaches the blue atmosphere of our planet in 2-3 days. There, under the influence of the magnetic field, which is strongest at the poles, the particles interact and form a multicolored glow from atmospheric gases.

Although the Aurora is observed mainly in the polar regions, it has also reached other points on Earth. So, for example, in 1909, the lights were noticed all the way to the equator. In 2006, one of the largest solar flares occurred and the Northern Lights were observed in Texas, the Bahamas and Hawaii.

In Bulgaria, there are records of the Northern Lights in 1954, which were observed in Varna and were so strange that people thought they were reflections of a huge fire, like the one that burned London in 1666.

This phenomenon is a signal that we are facing a strong geomagnetic storm.

An unusual red light worried people in Bulgaria a while ago. It is observed in North-Eastern Bulgaria. Many of them sent pictures of a reddish light that looks like a fire, but the phenomenon is also seen from Romania and Hungary.

In the sky over Ukraine, the same aurora is visible that is visible from Bulgaria.

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