Most of Hekimyan’s voters voted for Grigorova

Most of Hekimyan’s voters voted for Grigorova
Most of Hekimyan’s voters voted for Grigorova

Most voters who voted for the candidate of GERB in the first round for mayor of Sofia Anton Hekimyanin the runoff they voted for the candidate of the BSP, the Communists and the Russophiles Vanya Grigorova, according to a study by “Alpha Research”. Without any surprise, Grigorova received votes from both “Vazrazhdane” and “There is such a people”, but surprisingly – also from the voters of Vili Lilkov and KODclaiming to be the most anti-communist players in local elections.

According to the data 46 percent of those who voted for Hekimyan voted for Vanya Grigorova in the runoffa 38% supported Terziev.

Aims 16% of Hekimyan’s voters have gone to the polls in the runoff only to vote with “I’m not rooting for anyone”.

It is a curious moment that a huge part of those who preferred the unionist did so solely because of her personality, while for Terziev, a significant part of the vote was also because of the parties that nominated him, and not only because of his personality, according to the “Gallup International Bolkan” polls. .

Apparently, the rule worked for Hekimyan’s voters “first in time, first in impact”commented the sociologist from “Alpha Research” Boryana Dimitrova in front of BNT on Sunday, bearing in mind the first messages of GERB leader Boyko Borisov and Hekimyan in support of Vanya Grigorova. Their statements were made on October 31, after two days earlier Hekimyan finished third in Sofia and did not qualify for the runoff.

On Friday evening, at the last possible moment, both Hekimyan and Borisov still gave evasive support to the candidate of GERB’s partners in the government “Continuing the change-Democratic Bulgaria” Vasil Terziev. Borisov explicitly emphasized that this support “does not come from within” and that he had joked about the support for Vanya Grigorova.

On the day of the runoff, Borissov decided not to rush out to vote and thus possibly confirm the message to his supporters. The GERB leader voted at 5 p.m., saying he was doing so with displeasure and calling Terziev “ungrateful.”

Apparently, the vote of those who supported Hekimyan in the first round is punitive against the partners in the government, because they lost to him, commented Dimitrova.

The electorate of “There is such a people” also supported Vanya Grigorova, according to the data of “Alfa Research”. 55 percent of those who went to the polls today supported the candidate of the left and a number of communist parties, 25 percent voted for Terziev, and as many as 20 percent cast the “I do not support anyone” ballot.

“This is a typical protest vote for a party like ITN”, commented Boryana Dimitrova.

According to “Alpha Research” data, 55 percent of “Vazrazhdane” voters, who voted in the first round, did not go to vote now. Of the remaining 84 percent, without any surprise, supported Grigorova. 9 percent were for Vasil Terziev, and 7 percent did not support anyone.

The trade unionist actually collected a protest vote from several levels, but since it is about supporters of candidates who received few votes in the first round, it does not bring her many ballots, commented Boryana Dimitrova.

Kuncho Stoychev noted that Grigorova broke the party vote.

There were also few voters who supported Vili Lilkov last Sunday, who participated in the second round. Most of those who went to the polls supported Terziev – 66 percent, and 25 percent voted for Vanya Grigorova. And here there is a protest vote with 9 percent not supporting anyone, but it is much smaller than expected, before the call of KOD to release this very option as a sign of dissatisfaction with both candidacies.

It is interesting that 71.7 percent of those who supported Vanya Grigorova voted because of her personality, 8.6 percent said it was because of the parties because of her, and 19.7 percent – because of both, according to data from Gallup International Bolkan.

With Vasil Terziev, his personality was leading for 46 percent of those who preferred him. 17.3 percent chose him because of the parties, and 36.1 percent because of both.

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