In Haskovo, they are more excited about Grigor Dimitrov’s match than about the runoff – Around the world and here


In Haskovo, the vote also passes with low voter turnout. Grigor Dimitrov’s fellow citizens seem to be more excited about the hometown tennis star’s match with world number one Novak Djokovic, which is currently being played. Finance Minister Asen Vassilev did not attempt to vote in the runoff in Haskovo.

BNT: Which is more impressive, which is more important to you today?

– It is important both for Grigor and for the mayor who will be elected in Haskovo. Now, a little while ago, at 2:00 a.m., they voted for Grigor on television because he is from Haskovo. We are in the same neighborhood.

– We are going to watch him, of course, it is very important that he beats Grigor. It is our pride!

Ivian Ivanov, member of 28 SIC: Activity is weaker than last week here in this range. Hopefully the match will last for about two or three hours, so that there will be no activity at all. Most will sit in front of the televisions and watch our fellow citizen.

Lyuben Genov: I hope he wins because he deserves it, until this moment he really showed a serious game and a serious progress in his development as a tennis player.

BNT: What excites you more today – Grigor’s match in the final in Paris or the elections?

– Children excite me more, let me tell you…

Reporter: Dimitar Dimitrov

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