Chairman of the SEC in Plovdiv proved unprepared for the post – Around the world and in our country


Plovdiv is voting today for the mayor of a municipality and for six regional mayors. The second round will be remembered for the record low voter turnout and numerous replacements in the sectional committees.

In the previous elections, one of the chairmen of sectional committees was illiterate. Today we had another curious case – the chairman of the SEC did not know why he was appointed and it turned out that he took the post willy-nilly.

After the first round, the chairman of the section gave up his post and 83-year-old Vasil Vassilev was appointed in his place on Friday. However, according to his deputy, even while they were preparing the election documents, it became clear that there would be a problem.

“And the person says – what documents, he doesn’t know what it’s about at all and he tells me “I don’t want to be the chairman purely and simply – I was told to be the chairman”. Then I call the OIC and the OIC say: ” You can’t say so he’s incompetent.”

However, the chairman of the 73rd section himself admits that he has not been trained and does not know what his responsibilities are.

“I haven’t been to lessons and I don’t understand things, I’m not aware. I was in the previous elections as a member, I don’t know the rules, she said that everything will take over, that’s it,” said Vasil Vassilev – chairman of the SEC.

“After they said that I should take over this person from the OIC, I took over and told him – you will sit here because I will take over and take the whole organization on my shoulders, that’s it,” said Rositsa Lekova – deputy chairman of the SIC.

The party that nominated the chairman explained that there was no violation, because Vassilev was appointed between the two rounds, and the training of the SIKs takes place even before the first round. And that they respect everyone’s experience and personality, regardless of their age.

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