The impressive amount that Grigor Dimitrov won from the final in Paris


Bulgaria’s big tennis star Grigor Dimitrov had a fantastic week at the Masters 1000 in Paris, reaching the grand final where he lost to world No. 1 Novak Djokovic. In addition to a serious asset of points for the world ranking, Grisho will also collect a solid profit from the prize pool.

The prize money that Grigor earned in Paris

Peer check from shows that the total prize fund of the Masters tournament in the French capital amounts to 5,779,335 euros. With each successive phase of the competition, the prize increases, and of course the checks for the winner and the finalist are the biggest.

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Grisho took nearly half a million euros

The amount that is earmarked for the losing finalist in Paris amounts to 487,420 euros. The winner, who in this case is Djokovic, collects almost twice as much – 892,590 euros. This is also the biggest cash prize that Grigor takes from a tournament this year.

Here’s how the cash prizes are distributed by round:

  • First round – 23,100 euros
  • Second round – 41,700 euros
  • Third round – 77,760 euros
  • Quarter-final – 145,380 euros
  • Semi-final – 266,530 euros
  • Finalist – 487,420 euros
  • Champion – 892,590 euros

How the final between Grigor and Djokovic unfolded in Paris (VIDEO)see in the link.

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