“Western” needs your vote to develop and upgrade

“Western” needs your vote to develop and upgrade
“Western” needs your vote to develop and upgrade

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Your vote matters! Come out and vote, it only takes 7 minutes! Let’s not remain inactive in order to continue to develop and upgrade our beloved “Zapaden” district – this is what GERB’s candidate for mayor of the “Zapaden” district, Angel Slavov, called for. He voted in “Elin Pelin” Primary School, accompanied by his son Asparuh.

Angel Slavov was born and raised in “Zapaden”, and continues to live in the area with his family to this day. He has administrative experience as deputy mayor of “Zapaden”, director of the Plovdiv Municipal Inspectorate and municipal councilor.

“We will pay special attention to cleanliness in the area, the green system and inter-block spaces. The creation of new parking spaces and infrastructure projects that ease traffic are also an important priority. It is important to develop and build on what has been achieved by the team of the previous regional mayor, Dimitar Kolev”, Angel Slavov also said.

“The partnership and support of the mayor of the Municipality of Plovdiv is extremely important for the successful work and I am convinced that with Kostadin Dimitrov this will happen”, said the candidate for mayor of the “West” district Angel Slavov.


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