The vote for Varna: Blagomir Kotsev overtakes Ivan Portnih (updated)

The vote for Varna: Blagomir Kotsev overtakes Ivan Portnih (updated)
The vote for Varna: Blagomir Kotsev overtakes Ivan Portnih (updated)

Blagomir Kotsev, nominated by “We continue the change-Democratic Bulgaria” (PP-DB), won the mayor’s seat in Varna, according to the polls on election night.

According to a 100% parallel count by Gallup, Kotsev took 52.3% of the votes of those who went to the polls. The previous mayor, Ivan Portnich from GERB, scored 41.7%.

With a 100% sample from the parallel census of “Trend” 52.2% of the subprepa, and the previous mayor of the seaside city – 42%.

Blagomir Kotsev commented to the media that he expected such a result. “I have not made compromises with our voters and with morality. Varna has proven to be a truly free city – one of the two where democracy has its say,” said the PP-DB contender.

According to him, the machine vote will preserve the votes of the people to a greater extent.

“I hope that good policies in Varna will find support even in the fragmented municipal council,” said Kotsev.

In the first round, Portnich was first, but with only 5,313 votes or 5 points. Then 26.57% voted for Portnih, and 21.56% for Kotsev.

Last Sunday, 12 formations entered the Varna municipal council, which consists of 51 people – GERB, PP-DB, “Vazrazhdane”, “Alternative for Citizens” coalition, “Al. Stamboliyski” Agricultural Union, “Bulgarian Voice” coalition, BSP , DPS, ITN, Left, SDS, as well as “Freedom” coalition with the participation of VMRO.

Each of them is far from a majority. Thus, for the adoption of important decisions, for which at least 26 votes are required, the unification of at least 4 formations will be needed.

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