I expected the victory, I won with respect for people, said Stracimir Petkov in Lovech


I expected the victory. I won with my attitude towards people, with the fact that I have lived here for so many years and they know me. Despite the negative campaign that was conducted against me, all the time I kept the correct tone and this played a bad role for the opponents, said the leader in the second round for mayor of Lovech municipality, according to one hundred percent processed protocols of the SIC, Stracimir Petkov, nominated by the local coalition political party “There is such a people” (political party “Bulgarian Rise”).
According to him, now comes the hard part. “I am not a person who is afraid of challenges, but a small business person who has managed his own budgets. I think that I will also handle the municipality’s budget with the team I work with and its upgrading,” Petkov pointed out.
He added that the first thing he will do is an audit of the financial situation of the municipal administration. He knows what the structure of the municipality should be, but he is not yet committed to names, he does not rule out the appointment of deputy mayors from the parties that supported him.
“A punitive vote against GERB is looming, but I think we also ran an extremely good campaign,” Stracimir Petkov said.

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