Boyko Borisov: There is a new meeting between PP-DB and “Vazrazhdane”, they paid to “beat” me in Bankya – Bulgaria

Boyko Borisov: There is a new meeting between PP-DB and “Vazrazhdane”, they paid to “beat” me in Bankya – Bulgaria
Boyko Borisov: There is a new meeting between PP-DB and “Vazrazhdane”, they paid to “beat” me in Bankya – Bulgaria

We already have new assemblythese are the parties that support Putin and Russia – PP-DB and “Vazrazhdane”.

This was stated by the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov, who arrived in Plovdiv. He announced that on Wednesday he would assess whether GERB will continue to support the cabinet with the mandate of PP-DB. And his great disappointment comes from the fact that in places the two formations have united against the candidates of his party.

“Trend”: GERB and Vazrazhdane voters preferred Grigorova, KOD – Terziev

“In the last elections last Sunday, GERB was first everywhere. Now the PP-DB has united with “Vazrazhdane” and with the BSP and there is a new coalition, a new assembly. They played against us in several places together. There is a paid vote in many places, for example in Varna with the groups. Because we know each other in Bankya, PP and “Vazrazhdane” were together against me. I will turn to Cyril and his hypocrisy, where I voted for TerzievI forced the party to vote for him, at the same time they paid money to beat me in Bankya“, added Borisov.

People no longer tolerate hypocrisy, that’s why voter turnout is low, Boyko Borisov believes.

Either a coalition is made like the people or similar assemblies and charlatan works, I don’t see it as right. There is wonderful coalition at the moment and this will be announced by me personally. And I’ve already done it in front of our partners. They told the public how we with “Vazrazhdane” or with Slavi Trifonov were going to elect the head of the BNB. There will be no more hypocrisy”said the GERB leader.

Prime Minister Denkov asked the president to release the chairman of DANS

“If there are in other places such assemblies as in Bankya and they report to me about them, there’s no point“, commented Boyko Borisov, when asked whether this means that early parliamentary elections will soon be held. “DPS should choose whose side they want to be on – whether they will be on our side or the pro-Putin assembly. I don’t even participate in assemblies. There was some an agreement that is being violated drastically from the ruling mandate holders,” the GERB leader also pointed out.

He also stated that PP-DB did not agree with GERB on the request to the president to replace the head of the National Security Agency. “Denkov called me after he had sent the letter to Rumen Radev. Rather, he makes up his mind and informs me. Asen Vasil holds an extraordinary meeting where he introduces tax laws, but we have not seen them,” commented Borisov.

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