Actors and audience build a show on the stage of the ODK in Kardzhali

Actors and audience build a show on the stage of the ODK in Kardzhali
Actors and audience build a show on the stage of the ODK in Kardzhali

Violina Vasileva-Alexandrova

Photo: Galina Stefanova

A theater in which the audience also participates is presented on the stage of the Municipal Children’s Complex /ODK/ Kardzhali by volunteers from the Municipal Council for Narcotic Substances on November 6 at 2 p.m. In the author’s performance “Inherited Shadows”, students will show their solutions to real-life conflict situations related to domestic violence. This was announced on Radio Kardzhali by their mentor, the actress and director Violina Vasileva-Alexandrova from the Tsvete theater.

“Forum-theatre is a form in which not only the artists are active on the stage, but the problem that is posed is important for both the artists and the audience. In the second part of the forum, people from the audience can also participate, take on the role of victims and give their personal experience, their personal contribution on how to change the situation for the better. Through the forum theater, we have the opportunity to teach young people how to protect themselves, how to react in situations where there is violence, in situations where someone falls into some sort of addiction, etc., explained the director.

A child who lives in an abusive home becomes either an abuser or a victim. “It’s very difficult to escape this vicious circle that the parent is placed in and both parents are placing you. You are that, you are part of the lady too. You learn from their models, and that’s why we talk about shadows and these shadows are inherited,” commented Vasileva on the choice of title.

The performance is a project of the Tsvete Theater. “We are a social theater from Sofia and for 30 years we have been working in this direction to educate young people and not only young people. We also work with teachers, psychologists, and social workers on how to apply prevention in their work through art. Prevention comes first. It’s hard when things have already happened and are a fact. It is very difficult then to avoid them,” commented the actress.

The initiative is part of the “New Attitude” project, which is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports under the NPIMD, art. 10A of the Law on Gambling and with the support of the Interdepartmental Commission for Combating Antisocial Behavior of Minors and Minors in Kardzhali.

It is aimed at both parents and young people, Violina Vasileva-Aleksandrova also said.

More details can be heard in the attached sound file.

Galina Stefanova worked on the publication

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