Saedinenie has a new mayor! 6 more municipalities in the Plovdiv region with new mayors


Saedinenie municipality has a new mayor mayor. His name is Georgi Rumenov. The BZNS candidate wins against the previous mayor from GERB Atanas Balkanski. Rumenov also led in the first round of the local elections.

“I won with a heart attack lead of 55 votes, but a defeat is a victory,” declared the president Georgi Rumenov.

He was already the mayor of Saedinenie and returns to the mayoral post after two terms in Balkanski.

Hisarya with a new mayoress! See the results in Plovdiv

Iva Valcheva from BSP wins in Hisarya with support of about 55% before the previous mayor Penka Ganeva from GERB.

Petar Nedelev is the new mayor of Stamboliyski, data from the parallel census show. He prevailed over the current mayor, Georgi Maradzhiev, by nearly 60%, while the final SICs are still expected, but they cannot close the gap. In the first round, Nedelev scored 49%, and the regional coordinator of GERB – 41%.

Stanislav Stoenchev won in Sopotraised by BSP, DPS, DBG and BV with nearly 55% over the current mayor Deyan Doinov from Budeshte for the homeland, the first data show.

Peruštitsa will also have a new mayor – the winner is Nikolay Bakov in front of the previous mayor Maria Vitanova – Valkanova.

Mladen Kichev, nominated by “Future for Kaloyanovo Municipality” is the new mayor of Kaloyanovo Municipality. He leads by about 170 votes in unprocessed 100% ballots over his opponent and previous mayor Viktoria Mihailova.

Stamboliyski will also have a new mayor. His name is Petar Nedelev and defeated the previous mayor, Georgi Maradzhiev.

Kalin Kalapankov from BSP is the new mayor of Brezovo municipality. He defeated his opponent from GERB Neli Mincheva. 1398 people voted for Kalapankov, 1066 for Mincheva.

In the city of Plovdiv, the GERB candidate Kostadin Dimitrov defeated PP-DB candidate Ivaylo Staribratov.

Plovdiv residents elected their mayor

Karlovci elected the old mayor

Asenovgrad elected its mayor

The mayor of Rodopi municipality was re-elected

Kalofer has a new mayor! Here are the others in Karlovsko

Atanas Kalchev was re-elected mayor of Krichim in the first roundFive more mayors in Plovdiv from

Maria Belcheva won the elections in Kuklen

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