Ruse village without a mayor even after the runoff

Ruse village without a mayor even after the runoff
Ruse village without a mayor even after the runoff

39 voters voted for Kamen Raev from “BSP for Bulgaria”. However, Anelia Alexandrova from “Vazrazhdane” also collects as many votes

06 November 2023Monday, 07:12

Author: Flagman.Bg, Photo: Ladislav Tsvetkov/bTV

Both candidates have 50% each, not a single voter voted “I do not support anyone”

Residents of the Ruse village of Mogilino, which is located in the Dve Mogili municipality, failed to elect a mayor in the second round of the local elections, according to the results of 100% processed protocols, bTV reports.

39 voters each voted for the two candidates who reached the runoff – Kamen Raev from “BSP for Bulgaria” and Anelia Alexandrova from “Vazrazhdane”.

The chairperson of the OIC, Anelia Petrova, explained that the commission’s decision will be sent to the CEC, after which the Bulgarian president will schedule new elections for the mayor of the village of Mogilino, BTA reports.

The decision of the Municipal Election Commission to determine the results of the elections for municipal councilors is subject to challenge before the Administrative Court of the city of Ruse within 7 days.

This is not the only case.

The town hall of Montenegro in the municipality of Pernik is also in danger (since there is still no decision of the municipal election commission – note ed.) of not having a mayor after the second round, according to a bTV report. 49.11% against 49.11% of the votes have Diana Atanasova from “Prosperitet na Pernik” and the independent candidate Dimitar Dimitrov.

Three people voted “I do not support anyone”.

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