Yordan Yordanov wins the runoff in Dobrich – Dobrich

Yordan Yordanov wins the runoff in Dobrich – Dobrich
Yordan Yordanov wins the runoff in Dobrich – Dobrich

6 November 2023 00:02

According to the parallel census of headquarters of the candidates for mayors of the municipalities of Dobrich, Balchik and Kavarna, the winners are already clear. In all three municipalities, the previous mayors won consecutive mandates.

In the Municipality of Dobrich for the third term, as counted by the headquarters of the Local Coalition DBG 113 out of a total of 129 sections Yordan Yordanov wins the elections with a margin of about 1,000 votes over his opponent from GERB Krasimir Nikolov. This will be his third term.

Second mandate in Kavarna Municipality the voters assigned to Elena Baltadzhieva, nominated by VMRO. The other candidate left for the run-off, Tsonko Tsonev, nominated by New Times, failed to win and take the post for the fourth time.

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In Balchik Municipality with a convincing lead of 66.65% with 3860 votes for the fifth time the election was won by Nikolay Angelov, appointed by the Initiative Committee. He was followed by the contender for the mayoral seat of PP-DB, Dr. Parsek Salbashyan.

The elections in the Dobrich district ended with extremely low turnout, which in the district center was only 24.32%.

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