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Here is who won the runoff in the villages near Vratsa:

Here is who won the runoff in the villages near Vratsa:
Here is who won the runoff in the villages near Vratsa:

06.11.2023 08:34

The second round of the local elections was held in the Municipality of Vratsa on Sunday.

Minko Georgiev from GERB won the run-off in Tishevitsa, and Nanko Todorov, nominated by the same party, was re-elected as head of Virovsko.

The most dramatic was the struggle in Lilyache /pictured/, where Rosen Petkov won after a recount of the ballots. In the first count, a tie was fixed, but in the recount, the GERB candidate came out on top with 2 ballots and won the mayoral seat with 234 to 232 votes. The elections in Lilyache will be remembered for the “relocation” of over 140 people in the months before the local vote.

International wrestling referee Angel Petrov won a convincing victory in Zgorigrad. He will succeed in the largest village in the municipality of Vratsa the veteran Asen Georgiev, who is retiring.

Georgi Vassilev, nominated by the PP “Bulgarski Vozhod”, became the mayor of the village of Pavolche after gathering the approval of 190 people from the village of Vratsa. This equates to 53.22% of those who exercised their right to vote in the runoff. The second round of the elections was lost by GERB candidate Teodora Ignatova, for whom 45.94 percent or 164 people voted.

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