RESULTS BY REGION: About 1.5% difference in Sofia, 18 cities already have a mayor (UPDATING) – Around the world and in our country

RESULTS BY REGION: About 1.5% difference in Sofia, 18 cities already have a mayor (UPDATING) – Around the world and in our country
RESULTS BY REGION: About 1.5% difference in Sofia, 18 cities already have a mayor (UPDATING) – Around the world and in our country

See results by district as of 7:00 a.m. on November 6 with nearly 100% of protocols:


Metodi Baikushev (PP-DB) won with 50.21% over the previous mayor Ilko Stoyanov (independent), who won 47.24% support. The data are for 100% processed protocols in OIC.


With 100% processed protocols, Blagomir Kotsev (PP-DB) won the elections in Varna with 53.06%. The current mayor, Ivan Portnich (GERB), scored 41.52%.


Daniel Panov won the elections in Veliko Tarnovo with 100% processed protocols. Panov gathers 53.20% support, and Yordan Terziyski from PP-DB – 42.30%.


Tsvetan Tsenkov wins by 57.28% with 100% processed protocols in Vidin. Alexander Mateev from GERB has a score of 39.92%.


Tanya Hristova from GERB wins the elections in Gabrovo with 100% processed protocols. Hristova collects 66.58%, and “Vazrazhdane” candidate Daniel Petrov – 28.86%.


At 100% processed protocols Yordan Yordanov (local coalition DBG) won with a score of 50.72% against Krasimir Nikolov (GERB), who won 45.04%.


Ognyan Atanasov from the Green Party won in Kyustendil with 68.63% against Petar Paunov, nominated by a local coalition, who collected 29.61%. Data are from 100% processed protocols in OIC.


Strazimir Petkov from “There is such a people” wins in Lovech with 100% processed protocols. Petkov collected 51.76% of the votes, and Valentina Nedyalkova from GERB – 45.60%.


With 100% processed protocols, Pazardzhik has a new mayor. Peter Kulensky from the PP-DB collects 53.94%, and the previous mayor Todor Popov (MK “Novoto vreme”) – 43.95%.


Valentin Hristov from GERB wins the battle in Pleven, 100% processed protocols indicate. Hristov gathers 63.62% support, and Georg Spartanski, nominated by the IC – 33.51%.


Kostadin Dimitrov from GERB won the battle in Plovdiv with 54.15%, and PP-DB candidate Ivaylo Staribratov gathered 41.68% support. Results are for 100% processed protocols.


At 100% processed protocols Dobrin Dobrevnominated by the IC, won the vote in Razgrad with 54% against Miroslav Gruncharov (PP-DB), who collected 42.98%.


Pencho Milkov from the BSP convincingly won the elections in Ruse with 100% processed protocols. Milkov has 63% support, while GERB candidate Ivan Ivanov – 31.58%.


With 100% processed protocols, the independent candidate Alexander Sabanov won the mayoral seat in Silistra with 56.21% of the votes. Ivelin Ivanov from GERB collects 41.27%.


Stefan Radev (GERB) won the elections in Sliven with 59.33%, according to the data from 100% processed protocols. Plamen Stoyanov from “Direct Democracy” gathers 37.89% support.


Nikolai Melemov from GERB wins the elections in Smolyan with 100% processed protocols. Memelov won 48.63%, and the candidate of the Movement “Our City” Stefan Sabrutev – 47.47%. The difference between the two is 149 votes, or just over one percent.


At over 99.78% processed protocols Vasil Terziev (PP-DB-Save Sofia) wins 48.17%a Vanya Grigorova (MK “BSP for Bulgaria”) – 46.92%. A large number of Sofia residents voted “I do not support anyone” – 4.92%.


At 100% processed protocols Stanislav Dechev from GERB won with 60.37%, and the independent candidate Nikolay Stavrev gathered 37.37% support.


Hristo Hristov is the new mayor of Shumen with 100% processed protocols. Hristov won 71.38%, and Georgi Kolev from GERB – 25.88%.

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