Stanislav Dechev is the mayor in his second term with the election of 60.37% of the voters

Stanislav Dechev is the mayor in his second term with the election of 60.37% of the voters
Stanislav Dechev is the mayor in his second term with the election of 60.37% of the voters

The previous mayor of Haskovo, Stanislav Dechev from GERB, remains in his office at 1 Municipal Square. The 47-year-old mayor in his second term won the trust of 60.37% of those who exercised their right to vote in the second round of local elections. 16,241 people voted for him, according to the data from the Municipal Election Commission. According to electoral lists, 75,962 people had the right to vote in the runoff in 152 sections.

The reported voter turnout was 36.06%. 27,304 people went to the polls. 9388 of them made a machine vote and 17916 voted by paper.

Invalid ballots are 403, “I support no one” is marked 607 times.

In the first round, Stanislav Dechev received the votes of 16,429 voters or 47.72% of those who voted. After a dramatic finish after the vote on October 29 with the former mayor of Haskovo, Georgi Ivanov, who ruled for four terms, who took 19.29% of the votes, for a run-off with the current one, Nikolay Stavrev, who was nominated as an independent candidate, still managed to fight. The candidate supported by 5 political formations – “BSP for Bulgaria”, “Bulgaria for Regions”, “We are coming” (“Save Haskovo”), “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” and “Bulgarian Rise” won last Sunday the trust of 20.08% of the voters.

In the second round, he received 37.37%, which means 10,053 people voted for him.

The new old mayor of the regional town of Haskovo, Stanislav Dechev, was born on July 10, 1976 in Haskovo. He is a graduate of the Science and Mathematics High School in Haskovo. He has a master’s degree in automation and systems engineering from the Plovdiv branch of the Technical University in Sofia. He worked in the State Fund “Agriculture” – Payment Agency in Haskovo. He is married with one child.

Despite his young age, he has extensive experience in local self-government, the beginning of which dates back to his election as a municipal councilor by GERB in 2011. He was in the local parliament until his appointment as deputy regional governor of Haskovo to Dobri Belivanov at the end in 2014. At the local vote in 2015, Belivanov won the local elections as a GERB candidate and ended the 16-year hegemony of one of the longest-serving mayors in the entire history of Haskovo local government – Georgi Ivanov. Stanislav Dechev succeeded him as head of the Regional Administration. Halfway through Belivanov’s mayoral term, however, GERB lost its trust in him and this led to his loss in the local elections in 2019, when he participated as a candidate, but was nominated by the SDS, namely by Stanislav Dechev, nominated by GERB.

In the current election, Dechev was also the leader of the list of municipal councilors of GERB for the new Municipal Council of Haskovo, and his re-election as mayor means that the initially announced list of municipal councilors is about to change.

Certainly, however, as mayor, he will be working with a City Council that is rich in a variety of political trappings and demonstrated views and ideas during the election campaign.

In the new local parliament of 41 mandates, GERB will have 14 councilors, DPS with 9, “BSP for Bulgaria” and “Vazrazhdane” will have 2 representatives each, “Bulgarian Voice” – 4, “We are coming”, “PP-DB” and “Bulgaria of the Regions” 3 each, ITN one.

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