The big loser is GERD. The pattern begins to break down

The big loser is GERD. The pattern begins to break down
The big loser is GERD. The pattern begins to break down

BSP leader Kornelia Ninova announced BSP as the second political force in the local elections.

“The big loser is GERD. This model is starting to break down. United Against GERD is starting to happen. This is just the beginning. We have a lot of work to do.” she commented.

Visibly satisfied, Ninova reported that the party increased its result from 2019 – from 57 to 71 mayors.

He announced that BSP won the regional centers of Shumen, Razgrad, Ruse and Silistra.

She did not comment on Sofia, she was waiting for the final results.

“Vanya Grigorova made a good campaign, alive, real. We are waiting for the results and then we will comment,” she said. She wasn’t worried about Grigorova’s political ambitions.” added.

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Ninova said about the tension in the ruling coalition:

“What will happen to the non-coalition is their business. In the first days of the parliament, we introduce a vote of no confidence for national security.”

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