Gold medalist of Bulgaria: Every person matters, when we are united, everything is possible – Fighting – Boxing

Gold medalist of Bulgaria: Every person matters, when we are united, everything is possible – Fighting – Boxing
Gold medalist of Bulgaria: Every person matters, when we are united, everything is possible – Fighting – Boxing

Bulgaria’s gold medalist in men’s boxing in Budva, Montenegro – Ergunal Sabri, joined the prostate cancer awareness campaign.

The Movember movement seeks to increase public awareness of prostate cancer, the possibilities of diagnosis and modern treatment, as well as to draw public attention to the problems of patients suffering from this disease.

Sabri stated before Gong.bgthat such initiatives can be quite useful, as every single person matters.

– What is your motivation to get involved in the Movember movement and how does sport influence it?

– It is good for a person to do charitable things, because there is nothing better than making people happy with kindness.

– How can men’s solidarity during Movember change the image of men and men’s health?

– It can change it in the best way when there are more willing to be part of this initiative.

– How much does a man’s word weigh?

– A real man should keep his word when he makes a promise.

– When do you become a man?

– The difficulties you encounter in life and which you overcome make you a man. In my opinion, being a man is not about being a male person, it shows through actions. That’s what makes you a real man when you can overcome adversity. Also, you have to respect people and keep your word.

– How can the sports community be a catalyst for change and awareness of men’s health during Movember?

– Through unification, everything is possible, as long as there are those willing.

– What is your message to men who are hesitant to get involved in Movember and how can we convince them that their support matters?

– Every person matters.

– What are your personal goals and ambitions?

– To show my best.

– What is the important contribution of men in sports to the formation of a healthy community and social influence?

– Sport is for everyone, it cannot be said that it is only for men, there must be tolerance in sport

– What role do men’s words and principles play in the selection and management of sports goals and challenges?

– It makes you to be purposeful, to give your best and to want more and more.

– What is your experience in sports for building character and leadership, and how do you pass it on to others?

– In sports, just as there is glory, there are also many difficulties to overcome. I’ve had a lot of hard times in sports, but you don’t have to give up on chasing your dreams. He must continue to fight and do his best to achieve his goals.

– How can sport develop the strength of character and determination in a man?

– In life, I have encountered a lot of indecision, but thanks to sports, I have shown character and made the most correct decisions.

– How do you keep your competitive spirit?

– With a lot of desire, work and persistence. Also the support of the people around me.

– What is your advice for young men who want to take an active role in sports?

– To be ambitious and go within themselves, but the most important thing is to be good people and have a desire to work.

– What is the impact of sport on your understanding of masculinity and how does it affect your life path and ambitions?

– In difficult moments, everything is understood, but you grit your teeth and move on.

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