GDP with tips: How not to become a victim of Internet fraud

GDP with tips: How not to become a victim of Internet fraud
GDP with tips: How not to become a victim of Internet fraud

The Internet offers unlimited opportunities for everything, including fraud. Although there is currently no boom in this type of crime, users should always be vigilant, especially when they come across attractive offers and advertisements. The season means an active search for firewood and pellets, as well as offers for a planned vacation or a guest house rental for the end of the year holidays.

The Internet space is flooded with countless ads, but how can users recognize the real ones from those behind which fraudsters are hiding? Here are some tips:

When it comes to wood and pellet delivery ad fraud, it’s usually an attractive price that will pique the victim’s interest and seek a relationship. Negotiating is usually by phone or mobile app.

ATTENTION: In this case, it is especially important to follow the offer and if it contains a requirement for a deposit of a certain amount for the goods themselves or for their delivery, to be paid either by bank transfer or through the fast payment systems, be sure, that it is an attempted fraud. Follow the rule that money is transferred only when the goods are received!

In the advertisements for excursions/renting a house, the price is also the leading factor.

Therefore, the first rule that the user must follow is not to check whether the company has its own website, but whether it has a license for the activity it offers. This is done with one click on the website of the Ministry of Tourism (

Also look at the reviews on the Internet about the company in question, but do not trust everything written.

Second rule – before you sign a contract, in an office or sent to you on the Internet, carefully read it. Be sure to check whether the name of the company is written in the same way everywhere, whether the EIK appears and whether the seal is of the same company.

The third and most important rule is the method of payment. Tour operators must have registered company bank accounts. This means that the account holder is the name of the company, in no case should it be the manager or any other employee.

ATTENTION – if you are offered an account of an individual, an account in a foreign bank or payment through a quick payment system, this is a sure sign of fraud. Don’t pay!

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