New tempting offers in Deal or No Deal

New tempting offers in Deal or No Deal
New tempting offers in Deal or No Deal

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Joana Radneva from the village of Pet Mogili took part in the previous episode of the show “Deal or not”.

Joanna started her game with box number 15. She rejected the Banker’s first offers of BGN 2,900 and BGN 2,000, but her game was not developing in the best way. Joanna opened all the larger amounts, and the largest remaining was BGN 10,000. An offer of BGN 1,000 followed, which she again did not accept, and after that the largest amount in her game remained BGN 2,500. The banker made a surprisingly generous offer to her. If in the end there are BGN 2500 in her box, he should add BGN 7500 to them. Unfortunately, Joanna missed this chance as well, by eliminating the box this amount and the largest remained BGN 1000. For them, she received another offer. If at the end of the game they are in her box, to win another BGN 1559. to them. Joanna changed her box to number 11 and this time she made no mistake. The box contained the sum of BGN 1,000 and this brought her a profit of BGN 2,559.

Who will be the lucky person whose name will draw the computer today and how his game will play out – watch “Deal or No Deal” tonight at 6:00 PM on NOVA.

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